Using Neteller at New Zealand Online Casinos

Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods used by players from New Zealand who enjoy accessing online casinos and playing games for cash. This payment service has been operating since 1999 and has a positive reputation in the industry for being a fair and honest company. When players use this payment method to manage their casino account, they will benefit from secure transactions and ease of use. The great thing for New Zealand players is that all transactions will be processed in New Zealand dollars, removing the need for any currency exchanges in the casino.

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How to Deposit Using Neteller

Making a casino deposit with Neteller is fast, safe and easy. In order to use the service, players will first have to open a Neteller account. Players will then have to enter some financial information, including a bank account that will be used to fund the new Neteller account. Once all this information is entered and verified, players will easily be able to select Neteller as a deposit method online. They will then choose how much to deposit and the transaction will occur instantly. The funds will be taken from the bank account, transferred to Neteller and then on to the online casino of the players choice. The entire process is very safe and players continue to use this as a preferred method of making casino deposits. Since Neteller is such a reliable service, it has become the top method used by players from New Zealand.

How to Withdraw Using Neteller

The great thing about Neteller is that it also supports casino withdrawals. Many online payment services will only allow players to make a casino deposit, but with this reliable method, casino withdrawals are a piece of cake. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete. Players will simply request an amount to be withdrawn from their casino account. The casino will then transfer those requested funds to the Neteller account. At this time, players can either transfer the money to their bank account or they can leave the funds in the Neteller account top use at a later date for additional casino deposits or other online purchases. Players can also use a Neteller debit card to withdraw from their account instead of transferring the funds to their bank account.

Service Fees When Using Neteller

Using Neteller is preferred when making transactions to online casinos, but players do need to be aware of some fees that they may see. These fees are added when players make a transfer to their Neteller account. While the fee is just a small amount, it will be an added cost that players need to be aware of. The cost of transferring funds will depend on the actual source of the transfer. For example, if players are using a Visa card to add money to their Neteller account, they will incur a fee between 1.75 and 4.95%. Most fees associated with transfers are not very high at all, still making this one of the best choices to use in online casinos. The transfer of funds to an online casino account is completely free to players. There is also a fee for withdrawing from the account. Money transfers are free, while a bank draft, cheque, member wire and bank transfer will charge a flat fee for each transaction.

Pros to Using Neteller

There are many benefits to using Neteller to manage casino accounts. The first is the ease of use. Once players have an account with Neteller, they will quickly be able to add funds and make online purchases and transfers. The level of safety is also a great benefit. Neteller has a privacy policy in place and will never share any information with any merchant or third party. This allows players to remain anonymous in the online casino. With multiple ways to make account deposits and withdrawals, players will find that Neteller offers the most options. Players will also always have access to their account and can view transaction histories at any time. The main benefit to using Neteller is the fact that it is accepted at every New Zealand online casino.

Cons to Using Neteller

While there are many benefits to using Neteller, there are also a few drawbacks. Depending on the type of transfer used when adding funds to the account, the fees can really add up, especially if transactions are conducted on a regular basis. There are also limits on how much money can be withdrawn when using the Neteller debit card. While this is usually not a big deal for most players, it can be a nuisance, especially for high rollers who want immediate access to their winnings from the online casino. Overall, there are very few negative aspects of Neteller. Aside from the fees that can add up, this service is a safe and affordable option for many players and remains a top selection for all players in New Zealand.

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