Using POLi at New Zealand Online Casinos

POLi is one of the most popular payment methods used by players from Australia and New Zealand. This service, which actually stands for Pay Online, has been offering services since 2006 and is an ideal payment solution for any player who does not have a major credit card to use for casino transactions. POLi is known to be safe and secure and offers players the convenience of being able to quickly conduct deposits and withdrawals at casinos online. This preferred payment method is a top choice when playing in New Zealand online casinos and offers many benefits to players.

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How to Deposit Using POLi

Using POLi to make casino deposit is pretty simple and very safe. Players will first have to download and install POLi onto their computer. They will then select an internet banking account and will have to log into that account. They will then transfer money from the bank account to the new POLi account. The funds will instantly be transferred. Players will then select POLi as their payment method in their favourite New Zealand casino and choose how much they wish to deposit. The entire process only takes a few minutes and once the POLi account is set up and active, players can easily make deposits to the online casino with ease. They must make sure that there are sufficient funds in the POLi account when making a deposit to an online casino.

How to Withdraw Using POLi

At this time, players will not be able to use POLi as a means of making a casino withdrawal. The system does not support these transactions, so players will have to find an alternative way to remove their money from the casino. The best way to do this is by requesting a check from the casino or using a direct bank transfer. With the latter option, funds will instantly be sent to a bank account and players can then access their money. While POLi does not support withdrawals, it does remain one of the top choices for payments to an online casino. Even without the withdrawal option at this time, players find POLi to be the best and safest choice when making any type of casino deposit online.

Service Fees When Using POLi

One of the greatest things about using POLi to conduct casino transactions is that the service is completely free of charge. Unlike other popular payment methods, there will never be any service fees when a transaction is made. Players will easily be able to transfer money from their bank to the POLi account with no additional cost. The transfer to the online casino is also free. This is one of the main reasons why so many players will use his method of payment even though it does not support withdrawals. Many other companies will charge a percentage of the transaction amount to complete the deposit to the casino. When using POLi, players will enjoy fast, safe and reliable services without incurring any additional fees at any time. This free service is only available to players from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Pros to Using POLi

There are many benefits to using POLi to make casino deposits online. The first is that the service is entirely free. Without the worry of incurred fees and additional costs, players can easily make a casino deposit at any time and never have to pay an additional amount. This payment method will not require any major credit card, so it is a perfect choice for many players who only have a bank account. In addition, players will receive an instant receipt of all transactions, allowing them to manage their accounts with ease and keep track of online spending. The service uses SSL encryption software to protect all information that players enter. At no time will POLi share any personal or financial information with any casino or third parties. Players will definitely enjoy the safety measures that are in place as well as the instant transactions that will occur.

Cons to Using POLi

The only negative aspect of using POLi in online casinos is that players will not have the option to make a casino withdrawal with this method. This leaves players needing an alternative means of collecting their money from the casino. There are also some deposit limits that may deter some players, but these are high enough so that the majority of online gamblers will easily be able to add funds to their account with no problem. The only other negative aspect is the lack of an online statement. Instead, players will receive a receipt when they use the service.

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